Issue 01, 2020

Drone fishing is unique but also in a lot of ways remarkably similar to balloon and kite fishing. With these fishing styles they all utilize a rig and bait delivery method rather than a casting action. Each of these fishing styles enable the delivery of the rig and bait out to distances of up to 500 meters. At these distances, the drone angler can target much deeper water and much larger fish. The results from using a drone can dramatically increase the species you catch and the quantity, and it is way cheaper than buying and maintaining a boat.

Drone fishing has and is exponentially increasing in popularity and it is not a fad – it is here to stay. As technology improves and product innovation increases in this sport, we are seeing a lot of new and exciting products being developed to assist the Drone angler. DropZoneMag has been designed to assist and provide valuable knowledge to anyone interested in drone fishing, and also provide information on new products available now and on the horizon. We also encourage our subscribers to get involved, enter the competitions, and grow this community for the mutual benefit of everyone. If you would like to see anything added to the magazine, would like to contribute or anything else please contact our team anytime.


FEATURE: The History of Drone Fishing.

DRONE FISHING: Learning to Fly.

DRONE ACCESSORIES: Deciphering The Drone Cameras.

DRONE TECHNOLOGY: Future of Drones – 10 Pretty Cool Facts About Drones.


DRONE FOCUS: EX-1 – Extreme Fishing Drones.

DRONE FISHING RODS: Drone Fishing How To – Rig, Rod, Reel, Line.