Issue 03, 2021

We hope all our subscribers and followers are safe and well in these crazy times we are all living in and thank God we ‘have fishing as an outlet – Fishing is Essential.

We would like to reach out to our subscribers, and if you have any useful tips and tricks and would like to share them to help the drone fshing community – we would love to hear from you and include them in the next edition.

DropZone Mag Subscriber competition winner

Congratulations to Adrian Macri the DZM Subscriber winner of a TRIDENT 3000, valued at $2830.00 with camera. Adrian is based in Perth Western Australia and up until recently had to go out with his brother who owns a Cuta EX-1 and his mate who owns a TRIDENT T5K – Adrian was very excited and thought his mates were setting him up when we contacted him.

The previous DZM prize winner James Marais from South Africa was also ecstatic when he heard he had won a drone.

The DZM giveaway is very simple to enter – simply subscribe to DropZone Mag and receive 1 entry, or if you are a current subscriber, you will automatically receive 1 entry. If you want to massively increase your chances to win, simply login and use your personal referral link – share the link with family and friends and if they subscribe, they will get one entry into the draw, and you will receive another 10 entries!


Dylan Kelly – South Africa’s Shark Fisherman Extraordinaire – Shares his experiences.

Daniel Horner – from One Drop Cartel “Solo Double Hook Up”.

Junaid Gaffoor – The Trace Guy talks to us about the “Sardine Run”

Mark Fitzpatrick “Think Like a Fish” talks to us about how to target specific fish species.

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