Cuta Copter PLUS Series – Best Fishing drones in the World?

Cuta Cuta Copter the leader in fishing drone technology has just upped the ante with the introduction of the new PLUS Series drones. Cuta Copter is and has been synonymous with reliability and safety, and all Plus Series drones now feature the Industrial grade NORA+ Flight Controller. They also now utilise the NEO 3 M9N GPS, enabling simultaneous connection of all four main GNSS satellite systems, not just 2 or 3! In addition, all Plus Series Trident’s have a secondary industrial grade backup compass!

Why is the Flight Controller and GPS so important?

The Nora+ Industrial grade flight controller compared to consumer grade has many advantages, providing very high spec sensors and components, and multiple component/sensor redundancies should a component fail. The Nora+ features industrial grade sensors, fast processor, triple, and dual sensor redundancies and now GPS connection to all 4 GNSS satellite systems and a backup industrial grade compass!

  • High quality and fast 480Mhz, STM32H743 Processor.
  • 3 x gyros and 3 x accelerometers – Redundancy.
  • 2 x barometers – redundancy.
  • 2 x compasses – Redundancy.
  • Latest M9N GPS – simultaneous acquisition of 4 GNSS satellite systems.

Cuta is and has been synonymous with safety and reliability since 2014, so it is only natural that we use a flight controller and GPS unit that will provide the best performance and asset safety for our customers. High quality assurance and pre-sale flight testing makes it the best fishing drone in the World period – Rest assured your Drone fishing has never been so safe, reliable, and fun.