The drone industry is fond of saying that its influence will be felt in every aspect of human endeavour and now it’s managed to replace the chirping of birds and babble of your favorite brook with buzz of four little rotors. The Swellpro Splashdrone 3+ promises to take all the guesswork, much less exercise, out of your next fishing trip with an ingenious setup that guarantees the perfect cast every time. The company says it’s “the future of fishing.”

Rather than go through all the trouble of flinging your hook and lure into the ocean, lake or stream, the Splash drone will carry the bait and deposit it precisely in the spot of the fisher’s choice thanks to the swiveling onboard camera. Since the fisher’s bound to be busy reeling and playing the line at that point, the drone simply returns to its takeoff point automatically after its job is done.

By Russ Niles -July 12, 2020

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